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Tecmo's Deception follow-up hits PS3 and Vita in March

Deception 4

Today Tecmo Koei announced the release date for Deception 4: Blood Ties, the follow-up to 1996 strategy-action game Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness.

Blood Ties is a cross-buy, cross-save title for PlayStation 3 and Vita. It's coming to those platforms on March 25 in North America. The game focuses on Laegrinna, the devil's daughter, who uses demons and trickery to lure her enemies into strategically placed traps — iron maidens, falling bathtubs, and even banana peels.

Timing plays an important role: Miscalculate when to activate a trap, and it could ensnare Laegrinna or enemies could catch her instead.

Her three demon servants — Veruza, Caelea, and Lilia, each of whom specializes in a different type of torture — reward each successful enemy kill or capture with points or upgrades.

PS3 players will be able to upload their combos online and challenge others to beat their high scores.

The Deception series has seen four releases.

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