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Techland shows off Dying Light daytime gameplay on the PS4 during Spike VGX


Did Dead Island leave a bad taste in your mouth? Hell, we kind of liked it, but hey, we get it. The combat was pretty generic and the amount of fetch quests were far too many.

Techland wants to rectify a zombie apocalypse with Dying Light. In Dying Light, players will utilize parkour movements that will allow them to traverse the city in unprecedented ways and take out zombies with a myriad of weapons. Of course then there's the night cycle where zombies are harder to kill and there is a larger number of them.

Take a look at the gameplay trailer from Spike VGX, which shows off some zombie slaying and freerunning action.

Dying Light comes out in 2014.

*The video plays in a rather bad framerate, rest assured that the game plays a lot smoother than that.

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