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Team Meat Will Never Stop Developing for PC


Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes of Team Meat are an awesome duo. Not only are they responsible for Super Meat Boy, one of the most enjoyable side-scrollers to come along in recent memory, but they're also working on a super secret new project. In addition to that, McMillen is finishing up his roguelike shoot 'em up, The Binding of Isaac, set for launch later this month on Steam.

The two indie game makers took a bit of a break from their hard labor and participated in the podcast. The two shared some insight on their current projects, and they even gave their thoughts on the importance of PC development for indie devs. "We're never going to make a game that couldn't also be on PC," said McMillen. "That's a stupid thing for indies to do. PC is crucial."

In the past, it has become quite evident that a lot of indie games simply wouldn't fare all that successfully if they just launched for consoles. Even Super Meat Boy, which did pretty well for itself on Xbox Live Arcade, managed to turn out twice as many sales on Steam. Another great example is Cthulhu Saves the World, which sold 30,000 copies for PC in one week, outselling the Xbox Live Indie Games version almost immediately.

The PC has become more than just a graphical powerhouse when it comes to gaming. It's also an excellent way for indie devs to get their games out there, and it's the ideal spot for these creative minds to make a decent buck off of their hard work. Glad to see Team Meat embracing the platform as such, and hopefully more small-scale companies continue to see the value of the PC market, because oftentimes it's incredibly difficult to market an indie game on a home console.

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