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Team Meat May Never Work with Microsoft Again


In a recent podcast, Team Meat stated that it would never stop developing games for the PC. According to the duo of Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, PC is where it's at for indie devs. In addition to discussing the decision to stay a PC-based developer, Team Meat also expressed frustration with Microsoft over the whole Super Meat Boy debacle.

After stating that they jumped through hoops for Microsoft only for Super Meat Boy to get treated so poorly by the manufacturer, McMillen and Refenes said that they will probably stay away from the company moving forward. "I don't think we'll work with them ever again," said McMillen. "We've not had one sale since our initial launch, and I don't know if that's going to happen. Whenever we ask, and we actively ask monthly if we can be included in a sale or get any kind of promotion, they say no."

Of course, the indie dev has nothing but good things to say about Steam, and you can definitely expect the company to continue developing for the major digital distributor. "Other digital distribution sites in no way compare to what Steam is," said Refenes. "Steam is a f*cking powerhouse."

So Team Meat isn't a fan of Microsoft. It doesn't appear to be a fan of Sony, either. And with Nintendo putting weird file size limitations on its digital content, it's likely that we'll mostly see the developer working on games for Steam. Hey, I've got no problem with that as long as I get to play more awesome titles from Team Meat.

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