Team Fortress Meets Skyrim in Hilarious Fan-Made Film

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Screenshot - 868969

You had to know that with the release of Skyrim promotional materials in Team Fortress, would come some pretty hilarious clips. Well, rest assured. We didn't just get a clip, but we got a shot by shot recreation of the original Skyrim Hero trailer.

Thanks to Youtube user, Armago24X, we can now watch what would happen if you combined the epicness of Skyrim with the hilarity of Team Fortress. In the recreation, Armago24 uses custom Team Fortress 2 maps to replicate Skyrim's vast forests and lavish towns. Throw in some of the Skyrim unlockable weapons, like the Heavy's Dragonborn Helmet, and Armago has successfully captured the essence of the trailer. Armago's remade trailer actually one-ups Bethesda's version and shows the Daedra hordes that invade Cyrodiil in Oblivion.

I, personally, love the fact that he cast the Pyro as the dragon in the trailer, but my talking about it just doesn't do the video justice. Watch the hilarious fan-made Skyrim/Team Fortress 2 masterpiece below:

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