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Team Ninja says Ninja Gaiden 3 wasn't a good burger, or something to that extent


Despite the fact that GameZone's Robert Workman really enjoyed Ninja Gaiden 3 and awarded it a great 8/10 score in his review, the majority of people who played the game weren't too impressed. Most individuals who played Ninja Gaiden 3 said it wasn't faithful to the legacy of the series, which is a blow to Tecmo Koei who was trying to continue the franchise without Tomonobu Itagaki, who revived the series back in 2004.

Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi recently spoke up about Ninja Gaiden 3, saying that the studio was trying to modernize the series and make it a suitable fit for western audiences, which resulted in a failed project. "It seems like we made a Japanese hamburger for the west," said Hayashi. "Maybe as a Japanese developer, we need to make good Japanese food ... and that’s what people are wanting from a Japanese developer."

While plenty of Japanese games continue to succeed in North America, there are many that don't. Hayashi explained that by attempting to create a Ninja Gaiden game with western design choices in mind, Team Ninja ended up delivering a product that wasn't authentic.

The Team Ninja head said that the studio will no longer pursue such ventures, instead choosing to make Japanese games regardless of the market. That's great news, and if the developer can turn out kick-ass games in the west that successfully deliver a memorable experience, it will definitely impress gamers looking for some solid Japanese titles.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get something to eat now.


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