Team Meat Releases SMB Level Editor Tutorial Videos

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Super Meat Boy's free level editor is up and running, and while plenty of gamers have already begun using it to create their own sadistic masterpieces, others have yet to get the hang of it. There's no reason to fret, though. Not a company to ignore their fans, the kind folks of Team Meat have decided to upload some helpful tutorial videos on YouTube.

Six tutorial videos are available, and each runs about 10 minutes in length. Fans are receiving an in-depth, how-to guide from Edmund McMillen himself on how to create custom Super Meat Boy levels. Team Meat, you rock!

The tutorials cover everything from prop implementation to backgrounds. You can even tweak the speed at which guns shoot their projectiles. If you're serious about taking advantage of Super Meat Boy's robust level editor, it's highly recommended that you check out Team Meat's set of videos.

Super Meat Boy's level editor is truly special. Though I enjoy playing user-created content, I can't say I'm a fan of making my own levels. The editor in Super Meat Boy makes me want to jump right in. If you're a Steam user, don't hesitate to download this awesome feature. And be sure to check out all of the user-generated content through the Super Meat World portal.

If you want a serious indie overdose, be sure to search for the Vexing Vortex chapter. It's a series of VVVVVV-inspired levels, so fans of that game should definitely take a look.

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