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Team Liquid's Yoon Young "TaeJa" Suh wins Dreamhack Valencia


After an intense weekend of StarCraft II action, Koreans once against proved that they are the best in the world at the game, and indeed, the country to beat. Even if they are on a foreign team. Team Liquid's Yoon Young "TarJa" Suh was the victor this weekend, and he came through a very tough set of opponents, including the lone foreigner to make top 4, Team Mindfreak's Targa. Targa took out Liquid's other ace Korean HerO as well as other notables earlier in the tournament, but was no match for Tarja in the Semifinals.

Taeja made it all the way to the finals besting out ForGG, another Korean Terran player who had beaten the European WCS champion, Stephano, earlier in his bracket, and in doing so became the favorite to win the entire tournament. After dropping two games and being on the complete brink of failure, Taeja fought all the way back with some brilliant Terran v Terran play, and claimed his third tournament victory in as many months.

Taeja and ForGG have qualified for the Winter Dreamhack finals in placing top two, in addition to earning 20 DH points, very valuable for seeding in the event. Not to mention the prize, which was nothing to sneeze at.

Below, I've linked the full results list as well as the VODs for semi-finals and on.

  • 1st: Yoon Young "Liquid.TarJa" Suh $10,400 and Direct seeding into winter Dreamhack
  • 2nd: Park "Millenium.ForGG" Ji Soo $6,000 and direct seed
  • 3rd/4th: Quantic Gaming's  The STC $3,000
  • 3rd/4th: Mindfreak eSports' Targa $3,000

Watch live video from Official DreamHack Stream on TwitchTV

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