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Team Fortress 2's Halloween update, Scream Fortress, is coming

Changes to this year's gifting system explained


Scream Fortress, "the Halloween update other game companies aren't brave enough to give you," is coming to Team Fortress 2. The sixth annual Halloween special sees Merasmus return to the arena shooter with the Carnival of Carnage -- and it needs corpses.

"Due to a miscommunication with his contractor, Merasmus forgot to build his evil carnival on top of an ancient burial ground. But thanks to an eldritch loophole, he can still salvage his sinister sideshow by piling an impromptu burial ground on top of it. If only he knew an unstable group of hired killers willing to rack up a body count fast," the teaser site reads.

The event site is filled with all sort of teasers for the event, but it seems the biggest feature is Bumper Card Madness, which looks to put players in the seat of deadly bumper cars. 

Earlier this week, Valve talked a bit about the changes being made to the Scream Fortress gifting system, promising that they have created a system that'll crack down on the number of idle players.

"As time went on and Halloween updates came and went, however, some players spent more and more time focusing on gifts, often to the detriment of the players they were playing with. The Halloween experience for many players now consists of sitting idle in a custom server while a plugin teleports them from gift spawn point to gift spawn point," Valve said.

"Ordinarily we don't mind if players do things that we don't personally enjoy as long as their fun doesn't harm the quality of experience for other players. In this particular case, however, because the overwhelming majority of gifts claimed went to a tiny handful of accounts, we feel comfortable characterizing the current system as blatantly and transparently unfair: While some farming accounts claimed more than five hundred gifts just last year, the median numbers of gifts claimed was only five."

This year, Valve will be giving every player one guaranteed gift bundle just for logging in during the event. This bundle will contain a random assortment of some of this year's content. To earn a secondary gift bundle -- which would ultimately grant more items per player than the median five gifts from last year -- players must complete some of the event achievements, which were mentioned on the teaser website.

The Scream Fortress event will take place in Team Fortress 2 from October 29 through November 12.

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