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Tate's XBLA Corner: Contrast and The Raven Episode 1

Welcome to Tate's XBLA Corner — a bi-weekly video column where I go over the games you either need to download or avoid at all costs on Microsoft's downloadable service.

Happy New Years! What's a better way to kickoff 2014 than with a new edition of Tate's XBLA Corner? Join me as I take a look at the games you might have missed on LIVE Arcade while I was gone, including Contrast and The Raven Episode 1. 

I also take a glance at two Xbox LIVE Indie games that have released recently to see if they're worth your hard-earned dollar.

Make sure you tune in every two weeks for Tate's XBLA Corner so that you can find out what's hot, and what's not. Until then, keep checking for your daily retail and arcade needs.

Tate Steinlage I write words about video games and sports. Hope you like them.
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