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Tate's XBLA corner: BattleBlock Theater and Terraria steal the show

Welcome to Tate's XBLA Corner where I'll be going over games you either need to download, or avoid at all costs on Microsoft's downloadable service.

This week we take a good look at one of this year’s most anticipated XBLA titles, BattleBlock Theatre, the follow-up game from the creators of Castle Crashers, and give you a good look at Terraria – a game Minecraft enthusiasts may take a liking to.

We also take a glance at two of the headlining Xbox LIVE Indie Games, including the over-the-top shooter Death Goat, and Zippy: Push Kid – a game involving magnets, cyborgs, and unhappy turtles.

Make sure to tune in every other week to the XBLA corner to see what's hot, and what's not. 

Tate Steinlage I write words about video games and sports. Hope you like them.
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