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Tales of Xillia Out in Japan, Series Possibly Headed to Vita


As North Americans, we don't get the opportunity to get super excited over too many RPGs. Games like The Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles? Yeah, we want them, but until their localizations are official, we have no reason to get stoked about them.

The same goes for Tales of Xillia, the latest entry in the long-running Tales RPG series. Sure, Japan is getting the game this Thursday, but until Namco Bandai makes it official for North America, we might as well forget all about it. Seriously, let's just disregard Tales of Xillia and the rest of the series for that matter.

F*ck that.

I may not get to play Tales of Xillia on my PlayStation 3, but I still hope that it someday makes its way to North America. I mean, the game looks freaking awesome, people! The gameplay looks like a lot of sweet, delicious fodder for the RPG lover in me, and the art style is incredible.

I'm going to get stoked about Tales of Xillia, even if I never get the chance to play it. And you know what? I'm going to get excited over the future of the series, even though I may not get to play any of those installments!

In an interview with Dengeki, Tales producer Makoto Yoshizumi stated that Namco Tales Studio had already begun work on the next entry in the franchise. Unfortunately, the sly devil wouldn't say much else. He did, however, mention that the developer was considering taking the series to the Vita, and that gamers could expect news on the series' future on Sony's upcoming handheld soon.

So, it's currently unknown where the series is headed and what Namco Tales Studio has planned for the Vita. All we really know is that the company is currently hard at work on a new game and that the Vita will possibly host its very own Tales games. No one knows if any of this news pertains to North America, but I'm excited, because that's the kind of gamer I am. I get excited about games, and you should, too!

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