Tales Of Xillia confirmed for summer release

Tales of Xillia Screenshot - Tales of Xillia

Hideo Baba, the producer of the Tales role-playing game franchise, assures fans that the Western release of Tales of Xillia is "right around the corner."

The game is coming this summer to PlayStation 3, he confirmed today on the PlayStation Blog. Xillia is the first in the series to offer two distinct perspectives — that of a male or female protagonist.

Baba also announced that Namco Bandai will be releasing Tales of Graces f, which came out early last year, on the PlayStation Network for digital download on March 26, next Tuesday. The Standard Edition will cost $34.99, and the Knight Edition — which contains over 10 downloadable-content items — will be priced at $54.99.

About a two-year gap separates the initial Japanese and North American releases of these two games.

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