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Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is officially available for PlayStation 3

The Tales of Symphonia games were two RPGs that I sadly missed out on during the PS2/Gamecube/Wii era. They have apparently withstood the test of time, since Bandai Namco has decided to remaster the two games into one sweet collection titled, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for the PlayStation 3.

The original Tales of Symphonia will be the remaster of the PS2 version, while Brand New World will be the remaster of the Wii version. There will also be some new additions to the game such as illustrations and costumes, and both games will feature dual audio, giving players the option to play in English or Japanese.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is out today on the PlayStation 3, so if you missed out on these two great Tales RPGs like I did, today's your chance to right that wrong.

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