Tales of Graces f Walkthrough | Cutscenes & Skits - Part 02

Tales of Graces f follows the adventures of a group of former childhood friends, as they attempt to rediscover the bonds between them and save the world. Here we've collected the game's cutscenes and skits for your enjoyment.

Part 2 - My Name is Sophie?

Asbel and company are trying their best to discern the identity of the mystery girl, but despite learning that she's an incredible acrobat, they find themselves no closer to the truth. Back in town, Asbel's father Aston tells the children that a very important guest is due to arrive, and that they are not to disturb him for any reason. Following the scolding, the kids all agree to name the mysterious girl after the Sopheria flower they found atop Lhant Hill (Asbel suggests "Tiger Festival," which they shoot down for some reason). Together with Sophie, the foursome venture south of the town to meet the newly arriving visitor. 
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