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Tales of Graces F Lands March 2012


Namco Bandai has been quiet about the release date for Tales of Graces F on the PlayStation 3. It's understandable, given the recent video game rush and the company's likely intention to make sure evreything in the game is ready and fine-tuned for localization. Well, I'm happy to report that Tales of Graces F has finally gotten an official launch date here in North America.

PlayStation 3 owners can expect the RPG to land on March 13, 2012. The announcement was made official in the latest Tales of Graces F trailer. Check it out and see what you can expect from the game when it makes its way to our neck of the woods.

Admittedly, the music in the trailer is kind of cheesy. I had to put on headphones while watching it because I didn't want anyone around me to hear it. That said, I'm so, so, so stoked to play this game!

Tales of Graces F will certainly come at a good time. By March, most of us should be done playing the recent bevy of AAA titles, so it's good to know we'll have some time on our hands to dedicate to this lengthy RPG. March 13, on behalf of plenty of other gamers, we'll be waiting for you!

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