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Take control of the PS4 with the Dual Shock 4


With a next generation console, like the PlayStation 4, the world needs a new controller for the next decade. Through working with game developers, Sony has made their controller to suit the needs of those making games for their system. With a better feel, tighter sense control, enhanced rumble functions, and a reduction to latency – this controller will give players the comfort they are used to with advancements for future gaming.

The Dual Shock 4 will also include a touch pad in the center for more options and control, a headphone jack will allow players to communicate easier with one another, and a light bar. This last feature will work with a second peripheral. The sensor will be able to observe your movements for more friendly ways to identify players.

The controller will also allow users to share their experience with a dedicated "Share" button. This allow gamers to directly stream their games to their friends, and allow their friends to interact with them.

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