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Take a look at some of the leaked Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon

A sandcastle, really?

Take a look at some of the leaked Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Over the weekend we saw what appeared to be the entire Pokedex for Pokemon Sun and Moon release onto the wild web. Soon after that leak, we saw even more Pokemon news leak which detailed a water-type Arcanine and Ash's Greninja appearing in the game.

A new leak from CoroCoro, a Japanese magazine, suggest that the Pokedex we saw before was either incomplete or fake. Scans of the upcoming magazine issue have detailed some of the new Pokemon that will be featured in Sun and Moon.

Note: As the magazine is Japanese, some of the names might not be the same for other regions.

In the image above, you can see a little sandcastle and a big sandcastle, these Pokemon are called Sunabaa and Shirodesuna, respectively. They are both Ghost/Ground-type Pokemon. 

Over the next few pages, you'll find four scans of CoroCoro that show off the pre-evolved Bewear, called Nuikoguma which is a Normal/Fighting-type - it will be seen on the same page as the sandcastle Pokemon. The fish Pokemon is Yowashi,  a Water-type that appears to have the ability become a larger fish using its 'School Form,' which is on the page following the sandcastles.

The Alolan Meowth and Alolan Marowak are also detailed in the scans, the Alolan Meowth is Dark-type while Alolan Marowak is Fire/Ghost-type. The Alolan Meowth developed after being bred by the royal family of Alola. Alolan Marowak developed in response to its natural predators in order to resist them., you can find these on the second to last page.

The scans also show off the antagonist team, Team Skull, the boss is called Guzma and the girl is Plumeri.


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