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Tabula Rasa Fiction: The Magma Journals

May 21, 2008

GameZone is proud to present some original fiction from NCsoft centering on Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa, a massively multiplayer online game. Tabula Rasa is the story of an ancient conflict, a cosmic war threatens all life with death or enslavement. The war in the galaxies expanded to Earth, destroying civilization and sending the remnants of the human race to the stars to help the Allied Free Sentients (AFS) in their desperate fight against extinction at the hands of the Bane invading forces.

Tabula Rasa fiction: The Magma Journals

Tabula Rasa PC screenshots

The Rebel Report

Field entry 515
Staff Sergeant Cooper

I’m sure word has gotten back to AFS command by now and I imagine there will be a court marshal waiting for me if I survive this. I told all of my squad they could back out, and all but one decided to stay and fight what we’ve all decided was the good fight. All except for Peterson. Always the loyal soldier, all he ever believed in was duty. As he was leaving the old Brann research center, we heard him shout that we were traitors and he would be reporting us. Davis took aim to shoot him, but I ordered him to lower his weapon. No matter what consequences we had to live with, there was no way I was letting one of my men shoot someone in the back.

So why did I have my men defy a direct order form the AFS? It’s simple. These rebels, they have the answer to ending this war. If they can figure out how to apply their research on a large scale… Well, imagine a battlefield of passive Bane. Well, truth be told, it wouldn’t even be a battlefield, would it? Because the Bane wouldn’t want to fight anymore. It’s genius.

Tabula Rasa PC screenshots

Field entry 516
Staff Sergeant Cooper

Today we moved the front line out to the Sakra Oasis. Damn it’s beautiful here. It’s hard to believe we’re deep below ground. Raintrees have grown up towards the skylight fissure in the top of the cavern, thriving in the rain and sunlight that has nurtured them from seeds. If it weren’t for the waves of Penumbra that keep swarming through here with guns blazing, it would almost feel like a tropical paradise. So far, we’ve kept Penumbra at bay, but more and more keep coming. Salyard thinks they must be getting reinforcements. I expect the order to breach their defenses and destroy their base camp will be coming soon.

Tabula Rasa PC screenshots

Field entry 516.3
Staff Sergeant Cooper

The orders came just over an hour ago for two squads to push forward to help Lt. Nelby defend the Magmonix Grounds. By the time we got there, those bastards had already taken Nelby out. We managed to push the Penumbra forces back enough to get to him and were barely able to activate his emergency medical transport in time. I hope he pulls through. I spent some time serving with Lt. Nelby on Foreas back when we were both recruits. He’s a good man and a good soldier. 

I don’t understand why Penumbra wants to shut this place down so badly. After all, their scientists are creating abominations from the Thrax they experiment on. It’s no different from the horrific things the Bane do to our fallen soldiers when they create Machina. Who are they to label the research being done here as unacceptable?

Tabula Rasa PC screenshots

Field entry 516.4
Staff Sergeant Cooper

Salyard finally gave the order to break through the Penumbra line of defenses. I think seeing what they did to Nelby just set his resolve to wipe out the enemy forces for good. He sent some of the Thrax they have altered to aid us in our assault, and we also received a fresh supply of ammo and two beacons that will alert other Rebel Troops to our situation. If we can complete our objectives and call in for reinforcements, we may just have a chance of surviving this. If we don’t, I fear that all of the hard work Salyard and his research team have done will be wiped clean … turned into a blank slate. If we fail, there is a good chance my squad could die here, labeled as traitors. If I do fall today though, at least I’ll know my men and I gave our lives protecting something we believed in.


Want to find out what happens next? Join the fight. Choose a side. Take a part in humanities' last stand in Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa.


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