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System Restore allows for multiple PSN accounts on PlayStation Vita


Many Playstation 3 gamers have both US and Japanese Playstation Network accounts, allowing them access to downloadable titles and content from both regions. So, when Sony announced that the PlayStation Vita would not allow players to swap between PSN accounts, many gamers were a bit disapointed at the news. Thankfully, Destructoid has found a way to swap between PSN profiles using the Vita's 'System Restore' feature, and though it's a bit complicated, it's better than no solution at all.

In order to swap profiles around, Vita owners should first backup their Vita files to a PC or PS3 using the Content Manager app. Following this, players need to "restore" the device, returning it to factory settings, then "deactivate" it, which will de-associate it with the previously existing PSN profile. Following this, its simply a matter of logging in using the PSN profile you'd now like to use, then using the Content Manager to return all your game saves and other data to the device.

If that makes no sense to you, we advise you follow Destructoid's guide, which has pictures. Hopefully Sony will let this workaround remain in place, though given their reluctance to let players swap profiles around, this may only be a temporary exploit.

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