Syndicate developer Starbreeze will never turn free-to-play

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Starbreeze Studios, the makers of Syndicate and The Chronicles of Riddick, are "never going to do free-to-play."

The developer said that the free-to-play model forces companies to please everyone, an approach that's difficult and costly.

"We're probably going to go down the road of cheap to play," said CEO Mikael Nermark. "Would we go all out? No, I don't think I'm going to bet on just one business model."

Newark said they're going to experiment with different game types — triple-A games and smaller ventures like their upcoming title P13 — and different models: "To rely on one business model is very risky."

Back in March, Starbreeze revealed their "cheap-to-play" game Cold Mercury, and they plan to bring "something unique and new to the table in terms of gaming" with P13. The game involves Swedish movie director Josef Fares.

The studio recently acquired Payday developer Overkill Software, which is currently producing Left 4 Dead tie-in content.

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