Symphony, Neo Aquarium available for pre-order, get 20 percent off

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If you're looking for a bit of offbeat shoot 'em up action, then there are two games you should definitely watch out for. The first is Symphony, a rhythm shooter that plays off of your music collection. It really looks like a promising indie game, and it's definitely worth checking out if you've got some sick tunes on you computer.

You can pre-order Symphony right now through multiple digital download retailers including Steam,, and the recently launched Playism. For a full list of download platforms, check out the official Symphony site.

Another title landing next week is Neo Aquarium. Like Symphony, this is also a shooter. Unlike Symphony, it features crustaceans ... battling it out ... underwater! And they have, like, crazy guns and lasers! If that type of craziness appeals to you, then you should be sure to pre-order this game on Playism, where it's also 20 percent off.

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