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SWTOR Waiting Room, Queue, Subscription Problems


Like a game of virtual musical chairs, many SWTOR users are jumping from section to section on the website, and having to wait in a queue, or what Star Wars: The Old Republic calls a Waiting Room.  I typed in the URL, and was taken to a waiting room.  After a 10 minute wait, I was taken to the homepage.  After clicking 'Login', I was taken to another waiting room for that.  This is widespread, and some people have taken to Twitter to announce that they've waited up to two hours.

swtor waiting room

swtor wait time

That's not the only problem.  After people set up their subscription, they are still not able to login.  First, there's the problem with subcriptions not going through.  Then there's confusion as to why people are getting "No Active Subscription" messages when logging in, even after redeeming your code.  Hint: You need to set up a subscription (if you can get the site to work). Then your free month will kick in.

swtor tweet

swtor tweet

BioWare is addressing the issues.  They tweeted:

The post that the tweet refers you brings you to the Facebook page, where they give you specific details on what you might do to set everything right.

swtor fb

swtor fb


I hope that helps everyone, and I hope you all are able to get in soon to enjoy this great game.


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