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SWTOR patch 1.1 now live after brief delay


After a short delay, the much awaited Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.1 update is now live and ready to go.  The 1.1 patch was originally supposed to be released yesterday, but "issues requiring additonal testing" pushed the game update to this morning.  Since then we can confirm that we have successfully downloaded the patch and logged into the game.

So after a brief delay, content update 1.1 is finally here and the changes are...well, interesting to say the least.  In addition to some fixes and tweaks, update 1.1 adds a separate level 50 PVP bracket, changes to PvP on Ilum (more on that later), and a brand new Flashpoint and Operation.

The first thing we did when we logged on to the game was test out the new Ilum changes. Unfortunately, we have all come to an agreement that the changes are for the worse.  Check back shortly as we are currently writing up our first impressions on the recent changes to Ilum PvP.  Let me just tease you with this: prepare to stand around for a long time waiting for people to kill.

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