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SWTOR: No plans for cross-server PVP queuing in near future, says BioWare


With plans to implement a separate level 50 PVP queue in Star Wars: The Old Republic, many players are worried this could increase queue times even longer than they already are.  Given the complaints of a "dead end-game" feeling, it's easy to understand players fears.

Anyone who is level 50 knows that the player population drops considerably once you reach max level.  Of course, with the game being relatively new that is to be expected.  In fact, back in December (10 days after SWTOR's official release), BioWare revealed that the majority of players were in the sub-level 30 range of the game.  I can't imagine it changing that much since.

The problem is, once a player reaches level 50 now, the new queue could leave them waiting quite a bit before they get into a PVP match.  This will change as more players reach max level, but until then player's are rightfully concerned. 

Responding to a fan's concerns, Senior Online COmmunity Manager Stephen Reid said: "Your server isn't 'dead' by any means, but it's a lower population server than some others. The good news is, the population is growing daily as more people buy the game and get online (we can see the growth)."

Reid did admit, however, "You're right in that the number of level 50 players is going to be small and won't increase dramatically in a short period of time."

Another big problem, even now, is that Star Wars: The Old Republic doesn't have cross-server PVP queues - and according to Reid, there are no plans to implement it in the near future.

"Cross-server queuing for PvP is something that the development team wants to happen, but it's not going to be available in the near future," Reid informed fans.

Reid suggested re-rolling a new character while you wait for other players to catch up to level 50.

"On your own server, you'll be able to PvP all the way from L10 to L49 without any issue, and by the time you get close to the cap you can see how the L50 Warzone 'scene' is," said Reid.  "On another server - especially a PvP server - you may find a more PvP-centric community."

The problem is, even those end-game level 50 Warzones are dead right now.  The massive size of Ilam coupled with the lack of level 50 characters are hindering PVP in a game that focuses on war between two sides.

I have no clue why cross-server PVP isn't on BioWare's upcoming updates.  Not only are queue times up, but players on servers that are heavily one-sided only get to experience certain PVP zones.  For instance, my server is heavy Sith which results in me having to play Huttball a lot.  For the Republic, they get to play more of Alderaan and Voidstar

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