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SWTOR: Majority of players in sub-level 30 range, or it's lonely at the top


You might want to think twice the next time you think about power-leveling your character when the next MMORPG releases - whatever that might be.  It's only been 10 days since the official release of Star Wars: The Old Republic and already people are complaining about the end-game.

A few users, who have rushed their character to level 50 have been complaining that the end-game planets feels dead.

One user writes, "High level planets have max 6 players, no one is doing world pvp in Illum. People don't talk in chat, and i takes around 3 hours to find a group to flashpoints. What is this, a single player game that i need to pay monthly fee for? No thanks.  Now that i'm 50 and i've finished the story i guess... that was it."

Granted this is the minority of players, and luckily the norm quickly took over and reasoned that Star Wars: The Old Republic is a game better played slow.  With the hours on hours of story and voice-over work, it's silly to skip through them.  Take the time to enjoy the game, because as one dev warned, "It's lonely at the top".

And honestly, why would you skip them?  Star Wars: The Old Republic is unique because it blends that in-depth story found in most single-player games with the feel of an MMORPG.  Take the time to enjoy what they've crafted.

Plus, odds are if you rush through the game, you are going to be alone for quite a while.

According to Principal Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller, "The overwhelming majority of players are int he sub level 30 range of the game at this point, taking their time".

He warns, "Rushing to level 50 comes with a price, and that is that it's pretty lonely at the top for a while."

Lesson learned.

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