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SWTOR Crew Training Accessible from Your iPhone, iPad


Perhaps one of the greatest things about Star Wars: The Old Republic is the ability to farm crafting materials by sending out your crew.  You can do what you want, like PVP or missions, while your companions gather resources.  Gone are the tedious days of searching for mining nodes.

Given this new form of resource gathering, you had to expect something that would take advantage of this system that BioWare has set in place for SWTOR.  As it turns out, now you don't even need to be near your computer to gather resources.

New apps for the iPhone and iPad allow you to access Star Wars: The Old Republic from your iOS device and send out your crew to gather resources and increase your crew skill.  Because you don't actually have to go out and perform the tedious task you don't need many controls to perform the function.  Simple touch functions can send your crew out to go farm resources.

No longer are you constrained by having to be at home and in front of a computer to access the game and your crew training.  All you need is for your mobile device and remote access to your PC.

The video below shows you how this can be done, as well as what apps you will need.  Your iPhone or iPad isn't actually running the game.  Rather, it's accessing your remote computer monitor and streaming the image from your PC to your mobile device.  So technically, your computer is doing all of the graphical work while just streaming the image to your screen.  And given the fairly simplistic task of sending your crew out, it's not hard to do with just a few finger touches.

The question, of course, remains if this type of thing is fair or should be allowed.  Is it ethical to access the game from your phone?  After all, the apps probably aren't endorsed by BioWare.

In my opinion, it shouldn't really matter.  If you want to play your game from anywhere then so be it.  You're paying your subscription fee so have at it.  Be warned, this is probably a quick way to burn through credits.

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