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Swords & Soldiers is out!

May 15, 2009

Swords & Soldiers hits WiiWare!

Swords & Soldiers is now available on WiiWare in Europe and Australia.

Grow a beard, sharpen your steak knife and pick up your axe! As Vikings, Aztecs and Chinese battle for world domination, prepare for an encounter with a freakishly large pepper: Swords & Soldiers is out!

At long last Ronimo Games released their highly anticipated game, Swords & Soldiers. The game is available in Europe and Australia for WiiWare on May the 15th 2009. 1000 Wii Points will get you a fresh and innovative side scrolling real time strategy game with lots and lots of strategy, action and content.

There's the Vikings, Aztecs and Chinese factions, each with their own very unique units and spells. They can battle it out across 30 campaign levels. In single player skirmishes against an AI or in the split screen multiplayer against a friend! During the epic campaigns, players can also unlock challenge modes which twists the gameplay into exciting high score challenges.

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