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Sword of the New World Content Update

October 16, 2008

Sword of the New World Content Update

New Characters, Events and more!

GamersFirst does it again with another new Update to Sword of the New World: Nocturnal Sonata bringing new events, items, characters and systems all for free. This fourth game update to the Nocturnal Sonata Expansion includes a brand new item advancement system: Jewel Socketing. Gamers’ weapons and armor can now contain sockets and throughout their travels they can find ores to convert into jewels for the sockets. These jewels can increase a number of stats including damage, health and skill points adding a whole new level of gameplay and character customization.

In addition to the Jewel Socketing system, gamers will now be able to raise a pet and take it out into the wilds with them. The first pet released (the Poppet) assists gamers by auto-collecting items that drop after monsters have been killed. As with all pets, they need to be fed and fortunately, the new Feso Exchange is always nearby for gamers to pick up Pet Food and many more items.

Gamers will also have the chance to help level-up their friends with the new Apprentice system by allowing high-level gamers to recruit low-level gamers to apprentice them. While together, the high-level gamer gains Family Reputation (instead of experience) and the low-level gamer gains DOUBLE the XP. The pair can safely battle around the New World together and as the low-level gamer levels-up quicker, the high-level gamer gains reputation which can be used to gain jewels for the Jewel Socketing system.

With this new content release there is a lot more in store for the gamers: from the New Unique Player Character Calypso to a new currency system - Feso.

A whole New World waiting to be explored at:

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