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SwitchBlade PRO is Now Available

October 2, 2008

SwitchBlade PRO is Now Available

Blue Orb’s SwitchBlade PRO Features Texter Technology and SIXAXIS Controller Support

Blue Orb, Inc., creators of the SwitchBlade™ application that allows gamers to play PC games with console controllers, today released their newest product, SwitchBlade™ PRO. SwitchBlade PRO has all the PC gameplay juice of the original SwitchBlade, plus several new features including SIXAXIS controller support and an intuitive texting tool called the Texter™.

"The original SwitchBlade application’s success prompted us to explore ways to improve this already useful product," said Aaron Levin, Vice President of Business Development for Blue Orb. "SwitchBlade PRO is light years better. We’re introducing our patented Texter™ system that let’s gamers send messages right from their game controllers. Your hands never have to leave the controller."

SwitchBlade PRO users will continue to experience a growing assortment of 20+ supported games—with "Blades" developed both by Blue Orb game experts and gamers using the great new BladeBuilder™ tool.

"With BladeBuilder, gamers become part of our dev team," Levin continues. "Who doesn’t want to work in the video game industry? This is essentially a development kit for everyone out there, and these Blades can be shared amongst SwithcBlade PRO users."

SwitchBlade PRO also features support for PlayStation 3 SIXAXIS controllers.

SwitchBlade PRO is intuitive, easy to use software that brings the fully configured controller experience (“Blades”) to the most popular PC games, including World of Warcraft®, Guild Wars®, Half-Life® 2, Call of Duty® 4, Age of Conan® and now Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning™ and SPORE™. SwitchBlade PRO provides THE console gaming experience to gamers playing PC games. Support is now provided for both the PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360® controllers, with additional controller types slated to debut later this year.

SwitchBlade PRO will be available on a subscription basis for $1.99 per month, or $19.95 per year, and can be downloaded from  or  starting TODAY!


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