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Switch Gets Pokken Pro Pad for Pokken DX and Other Titles

Switch firmware 3.0.0 adds wired controller support.

Switch Gets Pokken Pro Pad for Pokken DX and Other Titles

The Nintendo Switch got a firmware update today, and with it came a nearly hidden upgrade. Update 3.0.0 allows the Switch to support wired controllers, including the Pokken Pro Pad from the original Pokken Tournament.

This means good things for Pokken Tournament DX coming in September. The Pokken Pro Pad was a  controller with a fantastic d-pad specifically made for fighting games like Pokken Tournament. With the Nintendo Switch foregoing the D-pad on the standard Joy-Con set-up, this opens the opportunity not only to use a controller better designed for the game but also to use a controller than fans of the game may already have, eliminating the need to buy a new one.

Switch Gets Pokken Pro Pad for Pokken DX and Other Titles

For those who don't have one, it's available at GameStop for $14.97 currently.

A few caveats on the use of this controller: It's a wired USB controller. It can only be used while the Switch is docked. The pad doesn't have an analog stick or home button, so it's not a blanket replacement for a controller such as the Pro controller. It will, however, work great for virtual console games from d-pad exclusive eras, and even works on PCs.

Pokken Tournament DX launches on September 22.

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