Swedish Police Raid House In Search of Domestic Violence, Find People Playing Kinect Boxing

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The UK news outlet Metro is reporting that a group of Swedish gamers were busted in on by local authorities while enjoying a harmless game of Kinect Sports.

Passers-by called the police after they spotted shadows of a group of people punching each other, a sighting that was acted upon via a late-night raid. Six to eight officers made their way into the house, only to find a group of gamers virtually beating each other up through their Kinect.

"It was pretty embarrassing when they came in and asked who we were attacking," said Robert Johansson, one of the punchers who was questioned. "It was just a computer game." A spokesperson for the Stockholm police force backed up the raid, saying: "We always react to calls regarding domestic violence. Luckily this time it was a false alarm."

The only measure that can prevent this from happening in the future is to alert everyone in the region that you're playing on a Kinect. You'll look pretty arrogant for doing so, but at least the police will be out in the field tending to actual incidents.


Stuart Macdonald
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