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Surviving High School Franchise Amasses More Than 7.5 Million Downloads

March 26, 2008


Surviving High School Series Becomes the Most Successful Original IP in Mobile Gaming History

Vivendi Games Mobile, a division of Vivendi Games, revealed today that the original episodic mobile game franchise, Surviving High School™ -- a story-driven simulation game set in a typical high school -- had a breakout year in 2007 with a remarkable 7.5 million episodes downloaded. The volume of game and episode downloads qualifies the Surviving High School franchise as the most successful original IP in mobile gaming history.

"Our on-the-go users expect creative, innovative and fresh new content to keep them entertained between classes, waiting on a ride, or whenever they desire to thumb around in a mobile game," said Paul Maglione, president of Vivendi Games Mobile. “The success of the Surviving High School series confirms that innovative, original IPs and a constant flow of updated content plays an important role in the future success of mobile gaming.”

The Surviving High School mobile game was originally released in 2005 and its sequel, Surviving High School 07’, was released two years later, boosted by the distribution and marketing resources of Vivendi Games Mobile which acquired the game’s original developers, San Mateo-based Centerscore, in September 2006. The sequel built on the early critical and commercial success of the first title, building out the game’s episodic format and refining its story lines. 2007 also saw the game promoted via a range of Web 2.0 campaigns and viral marketing initiatives. The franchise has become so popular that fans have created their own Surviving High School group on Facebook.

With the latest release of the Surviving High School game, players enjoy improved graphics, additional characters and new storylines, and can even help shape the game’s ongoing plot by submitting their original story ideas online.

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