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Survey: Tablets Are Mainly Used for Gaming


Who says tablets are primarily purchased for browsing the Internet, reading books, and listening to music? According to a recent survey from Google, most tablet owners use their devices for gaming. AdMob conducted the survey and gathered results from 1,400 tablet-owning individuals across the US.

Data showed that 84 percent of owners used their tablets for video game play, making the activity the number one application for the portable devices. Alternatively, 78 percent of owners reported using their tablets for browsing the Internet. Checking and sending email raked in 74 percent of the audience.

Other activities (such as social networking, listening to music or watching music videos, reading e-books, and shopping) yielded impressive results as well, but they ranked nowhere near the 84 percent mark. It's interesting to see just how many people actually use their tablet devices for video games. Considering how well the mobile gaming market has fared as of late, it's hardly surprising.

Tablets definitely seem more ideal for gaming than handsets. An iPad, for example, is certainly more suited for playing video games than the iPhone. It offers a larger screen and is bigger overall, but is still compact enough to be carried around. With developers now looking for new ways to expand their business, tablets seem like a good choice.

Games like Superbrothers: Swords & Sorcery EP have already proven that core gaming experiences can be found on portable devices. If the findings of AdMob's survey are any indication, video game companies will look to tablets to draw more followers in the future.

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