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Surprise! The RPG Maker Humble Bundle was the site's best selling weekly bundle to date

RPG Maker VX Ace

I've seen some sweet Humble Bundles in my day, but when I saw the RPG Maker bundle, which contained the normally $70 RPG Maker VX Ace, DLC and some games made with it, for a fraction of a price, I had to get it. And it appears that many have thought the same exact thing.

After its RPG Maker Bundle week, the site has raked in $1,546,264.33, which is insane! Especially when considering people only had to spend a single $1 to get RPG Maker VX Ace, though the full bundle for $12 was certainly enticing as well. This made the RPG Maker Bundle the highest selling weekly bundle to date. Not too shabby!

Those who think they can learn the ropes of RPG Maker and whip up an RPG before the end of June, can submit their game HERE.

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