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Surgeon Simulator’s Anniversary Edition makes its incisions on PS4 today


The long awaited day to flub around the open chest cavity of an unfortunate victim patient is upon ye PlayStation 4 users! Surgeon Simulator’s Anniversary Edition is coming out later today to the PlayStation Network as a digital download. For the mere price of $12.99, you can perform heinous acts which go against everything ever in medical history.

This new edition comes with the new eye and teeth operations, additional environments, stat tracking, and fully functioning cups! If you were wondering just how it could get better, now you have your answer. As the powerful surgeon Nigel Burke rip into Bob and try to umm – help.

If you’re wondering, this version takes full use of the Duelshock 4 controller. There will be all use of the six-axis sensor, share function, and streamed. I’m not saying co-op surgeries are coming, but co-op surgeries are coming. So… yup! 

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