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Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis Dev Diary

November 10, 2008

Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis Dev Diary

Multiplayer details revealed in new Developer Diary entry

Paradox Interactive has today posted the new developer diary entry from David Thompson, Lead Developer on Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis. The latest entry takes a close examination at the multiplayer features.

Prior to the upcoming Global Crisis expansion pack, multiplayer scenarios would typically last several hours. To solve this issue, the development team has created ten new multiplayer scenarios designed specifically for shorter gameplay. Additionally, the new multiplayer scenarios allow for gameplay for up to 16 players.

One highlighted scenario involves the defense of an invasion of the United Kingdom. Titled “Channeling Victory”, in this scenario one player takes the role of the leader of the United Kingdom and has to keep London secure during an attack across the English Channel by other players taking the roles of France, Germany, and several other European nations.

See below to read the complete developer diary entry for Global Crisis.

Global Crisis Developer Diary #2 - Multiplayer Scenarios

One of the biggest hurdles in the development of Supreme Ruler 2020 has been determining how long multiplayer games should last. Supreme Ruler 2020 has multiplayer games where players take major regions such as Germany, Russia, or the US, and these conflicts can last dozens of hours. In the past, we've only allowed players to use the sandbox maps to pick regions, set victory conditions, etc.

By limiting which regions can be selected, the player may have been able to get to a point where a winner (or the last human standing) would become apparent after a few hours of game play. But in most cases, the player would able to determine the winner until they have already been playing for hours. For the expansion pack Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis, we've addressed this problem by including more than ten multiplayer scenarios designed specifically for shorter game play. Rather than having to take over the whole world, players will be able to more tightly define the victory condition and limit the starting regions.

The majority of the new multiplayer scenarios are designed as two player games. However, we are also including three and four player scenarios, and modes that allow up to eight and even sixteen players. With these new scenarios, players will be able to complete some conflicts in just two to three hours.

These new multiplayer scenarios are not necessarily based on the 'Global Crisis' storyline but have been designed to be of interest either for gameplay aspects or for historical interest. One of the ones I'm most looking forward to trying revolves around an attempted invasion of the United Kingdom. One player assumes the role of the United Kingdom and sees how long they can hold London from an attack by up to seven other players taking the roles of France, Germany, and possibly Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and even Ireland. This really illustrates the difficulty of a successful naval invasion, even with significantly greater numbers.
Another new element we added to expand the multiplayer scenarios is a lobby setting. In the lobby setting, players will be able to adjust the level of involvement and interest from the non-human regions across the map and will be able to change the scenario from anywhere between "peaceful" to "hot".

- David Thompson, Lead Designer / Co Founder, BattleGoat Studios

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