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Superheroes and Villains Arise in La Tale

March 12, 2009

Superheroes and Villains Arise in La Tale

OGPlanet today announced the introduction of a new evil in the successful 2D side-scrolling MMORPG La Tale. The game's iconic heroine, Iris, is a brave, kind-hearted soul who brought friends together in the face of evil, but now players get to challenge Iris's beautiful but deadly rival, Chonpalm.

The arrival of Chonpalm ushers in a dark new chapter in the La Tale saga. La Tale players can follow the trail of Iris's party through six new zones, including the high-tech, mythical realms of Midgard, Valhalla, and Bifrost. They will discover why this lovely, kind-hearted former companion turned on her allies. This intense chapter culminates at the location of Chonpalm's betrayal with the discovery of a new breed of enemies that swore themselves to the destruction of Iris. Players may try to survive by equipping themselves with one of more than a dozen new weapons that may drop as they progress through the six new maps.

"Up to this point, La Tale has been mostly light-hearted and carefree," said Ross Park, La Tale's producer. "This new chapter is the first time that we see the darkness of the game's world. I feel that players will really love the new developments for the characters in Iris's party and the plot twists that we will be releasing in the coming months."

Players who are training for the challenge of Chonpalm can get some extra motivation in this new chapter with the addition of costumes based on La Tale's resident superheroes, the Abio Rangers. Once in costume, players can submit their most heroic or unique pose for a chance to win 10 Peach Cans in the Abio Ranger Idol Contest.

More information about these and other La Tale updates and events can be found on the La Tale website at

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