SuperGNES emulator seen running on the OUYA

OUYA Screenshot - 1132861

When the OUYA appeared on Kickstarter, it shattered records with how quickly and how much funding the project got. Was a new Android-based console that high on people's wishlists?

When you look at Android phones today, especially in the hands of a gamer, you'll most likely see one or two, if not most of the old school emulators installed on the device, along with a plethora of games (that they all own obviously). People knew that eventually someone would be able to install emulators on an Android-based console.

It didn't even take that long. Hell, the console isn't even released to the public yet and we already have the emulator SuperGNES running on it. Without further ado, I give you Street Fighter II, running on the OUYA.

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