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Super Smash Land Hits PC, Free to Download


You like Super Smash Bros., don't you? If you don't, you're all kinds of evil! Seriously! That game is a beautiful little bag of happiness and competitive spirit. Hell, I stayed up late last night getting a couple of hours of Brawl in with some friends!

If you enjoy Smash Bros., chances are you'll be stoked to hear about Super Smash Land. The free PC download was in the works for about seven months, and it's finally complete and ready to go. In case you never heard of it before, Super Smash Land is a "de-make" of the famed fighting series inspired by the Game Boy.

A demo of the game was previously released, but yesterday the final version launched. If you haven't already downloaded it, you really should. I'm not saying this will replace your Brawl or Melee gaming sessions, but it is a fun game in its own right, and it's worth a look by fans of the series.

Find out more about Super Smash Land on PikiGeek and download the game straight from the site. I checked out the game for a bit and found that it's a lot of fun. The keyboard controls aren't really to my liking, though. That said, there's always Joy2Key to fix any control issues.

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