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Super Meat Boy Toys Will Add Indie Charm to Your Room


Have you ever had a specific desire to purchase 3D printed Super Meat Boy toys? Well, that makes two of us. Voxelous has just announced its line of Super Meat Boy figurines, and not only are these little guys adorable, but they're crafted well, too.

The online vendor just released the first set of figurines based on the popular side-scrolling platformer from Team Meat. Meat Boy, Bandage Girl, Brownie, and Tofu Boy are the first four toys in Voxelous' line of Super Meat Boy trinkets. Not surprisingly, demand has been so high that Voxelous is currently out of Meat Boy and Tofu Boy figurines, but don't give up hope because they're sure to pop up again. After all, if saws and lava can't stop the square-shaped hero, a couple of wild fans should pose no problem.

The figurines are made using a 3D printer with powder and colored glue. Layers of super glue and protective UV coating add the finishing touches to the grainy toys and protect them from the sun. The figurines are hollow but pretty sturdy, so they can resist falls and wear and tear that may result from pesky children getting their hands on them.

Voxelous is currently planning on releasing figurines for all of the playable characters in Super Meat Boy. Gish, Goo Ball, Headcrab, and possibly Potato Boy are all likely to be crafted and released sometime in the near future. You can pick up your Super Meat Boy toys for $12, and if you don't see the ones you want, be sure to check back again, as the site will be restocking in a couple of weeks.

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