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Super iam8bit Art Show Kicks Off Next Month


The argument about whether or not video games can be considered art goes back and forth all too often. I highly doubt everyone will agree that the wonderful medium is art. That said, there's no denying that video game art is indeed art.

Those of you who like seeing their favorite video games represented through visual masterpieces will be glad to know that iam8bit is presenting a brand new art gallery. Called the Super iam8bit Art Show, this event will showcase work from over 100 different artists. The theme of the work in the show is 1980s video games, so expect to see different takes on a bunch of classics.

The big art event will launch on August 11, and it will last until September 10. If you live in or near the Los Angeles area, be sure to show up and support these awesome works and the amazing artists behind them. Opening night will feature music and hopefully snacks of some sort.

Personally, I'm incredibly stoked about this, and I'll be attending opening night to scope out some impressive tributes to the '80s era of gaming. Judging from the promotional image for the event, Q*bert will be getting some representation at the art show, which is just plain awesome. If you're an artsy type with a penchant for video game culture, be sure to check out the Super iam8bit Art Show in L.A. this October and September.

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