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Super Smash Bros. is terrifying in first-person


Super Smash Bros. Wii U will undoubtedly be the most delightfully smash-y Smash Bros. yet, but can it compete with the gut-wrenching peril of fighting Master Hand in first-person?

YouTuber pipocaVFX has attempted to answer just that in a short video of Link facing off against the iconic final boss. From Link’s arsenal to Master Hand’s moveset to the stage itself, the clip is authentic down to its bones and effectively conveys what it may be like to be on the receiving end of the GameCube controller (which you’ll also be able to use on Wii U, by the way).

Link certainly is a good choice for a first-person perspective, although I suspect his UP + B would win not by knocking opponents off screen but simply by inducing vomiting.

[via Kotaku]

Austin Wood
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