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Super Meat World Is Now Live


Team Meat recently announced Super Meat World, a portal that would allow PC users to download user-created levels to add to the game's heavy number of sadistic stages. The indie developer made the big reveal on April Fools' Day, stating that Super Meat World had officially gone live. And in case you're wondering, this was not a clever April Fools' Day gag.

Super Meat World is unlocked when you collect 20 bandages in the main game, so if you own the Steam version of the popular 2D platformer and have yet to grab the minimum requirement, get to it. The portal includes eight new chapters with over 140 levels, so you can expect to be busy for quite some time. And for all you fearful gamers on a tight budget, don't worry: Super Meat World will unlock at no additional cost to you.

Super Meat World is definitely a nice addition to the already stellar Super Meat Boy. It should be interesting seeing what fans create when they put their minds to it. I expect to see many user-created levels that will truly make me want to throw my controller at my computer monitor.

Super Meat Boy has garnered critical acclaim on both the Xbox 360 and PC, and Super Meat World will surely enhance the experience further. Currently, Team Meat has stated that the content-sharing portal will be open to gamers, developers, and Team Meat so that new content can flow at a rapid pace. Super Meat World is still a work-in-progress, so you can expect to see plenty of new features in the future.

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