Super Meat Boy sells over 1 million copies

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I love the hell out of Super Meat Boy, a game I still consider superior to any Super Mario title I've ever played. Which is why I'm rather pleased to know that over a million gamers have now been able to experience the glory of the Meat Boy, the game having exceeded the landmark sales number following its recent inclusion as part of the Humble Indie Bundle and Steam Holiday Sale.

Team Meat is just two members strong, so this sales feat is obviously incredible. Co-designed Edmund McMillian revealed that about 20% of the game's sales were through Xbox Live, with the rest going straight to hungry PC gamers (not a surprise, given the PC version's constant content updates). Having played McMillian's excellent Zelda/Shooter hybrid The Binding of Issac, I'm definitely curious to see what retro game genre will be tackled for the studio's next release.

Fingers crossed for Metroid!

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