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Super Meat Boy Level Editor Is Live


Super Meat Boy has stormed both Xbox Live Arcade and Steam, and now developer Team Meat is releasing one last goody for fans to sink their teeth into. Last month, we reported that Super Meat World, an online portal where users could play through additional levels, had gone live. Today Team Meat has officially opened the game's level editor for Steam users.

The creation tools are incredibly robust, and with the exception of boss bottles, gamers can create their own levels in any way they please. If you want to recreate one of Team Meat's levels from the game, go ahead. That's how stellar the tool set is. You can create levels with bandages, warp zones, and mini-bosses; add music of your choice, create full chapters, and even set a custom par time for completion. Users can then upload their levels to Super Meat World, where others can play and vote on them.

If you're an Xbox Live Arcade player, you won't have access to the level editor, as Team Meat has no plans to release this feature for that version of the game. They will continue to add new stages to Teh Internets mode. And for gamers waiting on the Mac version, fret not: the developers are hard at work on getting it released.

Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes confirmed that they will not be releasing a Super Meat Boy 2, so consider Super Meat World and this new level editor a lovely swan song for the series. In essence, Team Meat is allowing gamers to carry on the spirit of Super Meat Boy, giving them the chance to create their own sequel--which is pretty cool.

Super Meat World is unlocked by collecting 20 bandages in the main game, and the level editor is absolutely free to download. If you want to keep playing Super Meat Boy, definitely download the level editor, design your own custom stages, and try out other user-made levels, too. You're bound to have a blast ... and curse a lot while you're at it.

Team Meat, we're all looking forward to your next game!

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