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Super Meat Boy is Coming to Nintendo Switch Along with Two Other Indies

The pick-up-and-play skill-heavy classic makes a comeback.

Super Meat Boy is Coming to Nintendo Switch Along with Two Other Indies

Super Meat Boy! Who doesn't love this classic rage-inducing platformer? It's difficult and cute, a dangerous mix. We learned today that it's coming to the Nintendo Switch, along with two other indie titles.

Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat took to Twitter today to announce that their endearing platformer is running on the Switch, implying an official release. No release date has been announced, but this was the actual developer showing it running on a new system. The idea isn't that big of a stretch.

Along with Team Meat, the creator of Mutant Mudds, Jools Watsgam also showed a picture of his game running on the Switch. As with Team Meat, no official announcement has been made. But Nintendo's official Twitter revealed that an expanded version of Inversus is set to launch for Switch in the Fall. They're calling it Inversus Deluxe, which will feature more maps, ranked multiplayer, new powers and more.

It's a bit crazy that all three of these very well-received indie titles have been rumored/verified for the Nintendo Switch in such a short amount of time. Edmund McMillen, originally from Team Mean, is also working on a new title for the Switch called The End Is NighLike everything in this article, it also has no release date.

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