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Super Meat Boy Forever revealed at PAX Prime 2014


Earlier this month Team Meat teased their new game A Voyeur for September, but it might not be what we think it is.

Cleverly pointed out by Joystiq, A Voyeur for September is an anagram for the game that they are showing off at PAX Prime; Super Meat Boy Forever. If the two are truly tied together by this link, then it might be safe to assume that this endless runner will be hitting the PC and tablets this September.

Here's a glimpse of it straight from the PAX show floor, courtesy of Mike Suszek of Joystiq:

What do you think? Excited about a Super Meat Boy endless runner?

The gameplay looks like it would do well on more than just PC and tablets...could it make the port to mobile? Let me know your thoughts?

Tatiana Morris I work here, so at least I've got that going for me.
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