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Super Meat Boy Forever Announced on PC, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch

Meat Boy, Bandage Girl and, introducing, Nugget!

Yesterday, Nintendo hosted the Nindies Showcase of Summer 2017. The Nindies is a presentation that focuses on indie titles on Nintendo consoles. The first Nindies showcase was in February 2017, which covered a number of indies releasing for the Switch. This time, there are even more to show, like Super Meat Boy Forever.

We knew that Team Meat was working on a Super Meat Boy property on the Nintendo Switch, as they teased an image of the first game running on a Switch, but nobody assumed there was a sequel in the works. Fortunately, it is, and you can get a look in the trailer embedded above.

The premise of Super Meat Boy Forever starts with our beloved protagonist, Meat Boy himself, celebrating life with his love, Bandage Girl. This is after the events of the first game, and the two lovers have a child named Nugget. But, as predicted, he gets captured and it's up to Meat Boy to save him!

The game definitely looks like a continuation of the original. It comes with rankings and daily challenges to keep the content going as long as possible. It comes to Nintendo Switch in 2018 as a timed exclusive. It will later release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and smartphones.

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