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Super Mario Odyssey will not have Game Overs according to Nintendo

You'll lose coins upon failing instead.

Super Mario Odyssey now stands as the Nintendo Switch's most anticipated game, and in a year where it will share the spotlight with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it'll be nothing but a win for Nintendo fans. After the certifiably insane trailer that Nintendo showed off for the game at E3 2017, saying that there is considerable hype around the game is an understatement.

The new hat powers, city hub, and levels appear to offer a plethora of new directions for the series, but apparently, the game is also doing away with its Game Over state. A post on the Japanese Super Mario Odyssey Twitter account confirmed this.

Here's the tweet:

As translated by RocketNews24, it states:

"If Mario’s health drops to zero, or if he falls down a bottomless pit, you’ll lose 10 of your coins. But…! No matter how many times you’ll mess up, there’s never a game over."

This may seem like a trivial change on the surface, but it does alter a couple of the series' traditional mainstays, lives and coin collection. Since there is no Game Over, lives we would assume are no more, but there has to be something else that coins serve as a currency for. Perhaps skill upgrades of some sort?

Super Mario Odyssey releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch on October 27th, 2017.

Source: [Twitter via RocketNews24]

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